AQUARIUS ARMF-S/S Outdoor Membrane Filter | Stainless Steel Membrane Filter With Installation
Price RM2,170.00
Product SKU ARMF-S/S
Brand Aquarius
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 100 cm x 10 cm
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  • Outdoor Water Filter with auto backwash 
  • Effective filtering
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long Lasting Stainless Steel Casing 

AQUARIUS Membrane Filter c/w Auto Timer and Pre-Filter
ARMF-S/S Stainless Steel Membrane Filter


Product details in specification (Stainless Steel Water Filter)


Aquarius Stainless Steel Water Filter ARMF-S/S is come with an auto timer device to do auto backwash. The Auto Timer is

  • User friendly device.
  • Up to16 programs in setting available.
  • LCD display can set the backwash timing also control the watering situation.
  • The device is able to operate via solar energy by using the solar panel as power supply.
  • Protective sealing cover can protect the LCD screen from rainwater.
  • Stainless filter net prevent if from blocking.

We also care enough to install a pre-filter (Water Purifer) prior to the membrane filter as a protection to rough filter out the large particulate like sand, mud, hair or dust before entering to the Membrane Filter. This is able to extend the cartridge lifespan too!

  • The water purifier is compact in structure, easy to operate, and can be installed in a small space.
  • It is installed at the water inlet before the water filter system. Its powerful filtering function can effectively prevent secondary pollution of drinking water system and protect the safety and cleanliness of downstream pipes and equipment of water supply system. 
  • The transparent cover allows users to view the work of the water purifier at any time, and can clearly see whether the external coarse particles impurities are water machine block, the maintenance of the machine washing process at a glance
  • SUS316 filter selection of special stainless steel, easy cleaning, durable
  • Patent maintenance, washing, drainage structure, can be effectively removed by the water blocking the impurities