Joven JSH91 (91L) Storage Water Heater Price - Joven 91 Litres
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Product SKU Joven JSH91 Storage Water Heater
Brand Joven
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  • Stainless Steel heater Tank for Rust Free Water
  • Dial Thermometer Indicates Hot Water in Tank
  • Adjustable Temperature Control( Low-Med-High)
  • Maximum Temperature 70 °C
  • CFC Free High Density Polyurethane Foam for Maximum Insulation
  • 5 years leak proof warranty on inner tank.

Joven JSH91 Water Heater

Joven JSH91 storage water heater, yesthe capacity Joven 91 Litres (Joven 91L) or 15 Imp. Gallons at 70°C can provide up to 249.5L of warm water at 38°C according to inlet temperature of 26°C. Joven JSH 68 water boiler is Suitable for kitchen sink or wash basin. heartJoven Water Heater JSH91 Price is doing promotion now! 

The temperature control of Joven JSH-91 water tank is enables thermostatic control between Low (35°C), Med (55°C) and High (70°C) with temperature display.

This is the latest model to replace Joven Water Heater JH91 and Joven JH91IB Storage heater.



  • Multipoint Hot Water System for Mixer Tap System
  • For 1 Jacuzzi or 1 Washing Machine
    1 Long Bath and 1 Normal Shower /
    1 Rain Shower 10” and 1 Rain Shower 6”
    1 Rain Shower 12”
  • Capacity 91L ; 20.0 Imp. Gallons
  • Power Rating 3.0kW ; 240V
  • Hot Water Up to 70°C
  • Rust-Free Stainless Steel Heating Element & Tank
  • HE Energy Saving Technology ; Save Energy 20%
    (Available for Model JH91HE only)
  • High Density CFC Free Polyurethane Insulation Foam
    for Long Lasting Hot Water


  • Universal Mounting Ring Bracket for Universal Mounting
  • Mounting Ring Bolts


  • Pressure Relief & Drain Valve
  • Thermostat Safety Cut-Off at 70°C
  • Thermal Cut-Out at 95°C



Joven JSH91 Price 

The Joven JSH 91 Water Heater is come with SUS 304 Grade Stainless Steel Heater Tank & Heating element. It built from high quality material that with stand rus and rupture to ensure durability and stellar performance. 

  • SUS304 Stainless Steel Tank & Heating Element
  • Electrogalvanized Steel With Epoxy Coated Powdered Finish

Heat stay longer with high-density CFC Free Polyurethane Insulation Foam 2.5 Ib per cu.ft or 40 kg per m³ which protects against heat-loss when temperature has reached maximum cut-off of 70°C. Heat stays up to 20 hours or longer before the temperature drops tp 55°C for heating to reactive.


Joven 91 liters Storage Water Heater Boiler Review

A wall bracket enables easy mounting of the vertical storage water heater, just secure the wall bracket against a solid surface, secure with mounting bolts to install the tank. 

With Leading cuting-edge innovation and experise Joven 91L Storage Water Heater is the choice for the perfect hot water solutions for a luxurious bath. Joven Storage Water Heater is the solutions for bathtub, jacuzzi, rainshower, shower, basin to kitchen sinks just by a simple connection to the hot and cold mixer tap system.