Solar Water Heater Pressure Temperature Valve | Relief Valve

Solar Water Heater Pressure Temperature Valve

Solar Water Heater Pressure Temperature Valve (PTvalve) is used to prevent the solar heater water being over heated by the sun. Depending on the usage and the water temperature of the previous day, on a hot sunny day, the temperature of the water tank may rise to 70oC or higher, which is normal. Also called Solar heater Pressure Relief Valve, solar heater Relief valve or solar heater Temperature relief valve.


However, in the hot summer weather, especially when the usage rate is low (for example, you are on vacation), the temperature of the water in the collector tank may exceed the boiling point, which is unsafe.


To prevent this, the solar collector is equipped with a bronze safety valve. The traditional water heater in your home also has this valve. This is a standard safety function.


The valve has a 3/4 inch thread. First connect the pipe (not included, you must buy it separately) to the valve, and then slide it down along the feet and fix it.


The pipe must be opened at the bottom facing the ground so that when the safety valve is opened to release pressure or temperature, the dangerous hot water will flow directly to the ground and will not spread out randomly, which may harm anyone nearby.

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Solar Heater Pressure Relief Valve

You should regularly test the valve by lifting the small silver lever on the top to make sure that the water flows out under normal pressure and that the valve (and the pipe that leads the water to the ground should be blocked) is not blocked. You can use it as part of routine maintenance, such as closing the dust collection tube to remove dust.


Note: To avoid overheating in the hot summer, for example, if you are on vacation or encounter an unusually high heat wave, you can temporarily remove one or more heat pipes to reduce efficiency and thereby reduce the temperature of the storage tank. Then put it back when you need more hot water.


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