Solar Water Heater Not Hot


Why solar water heater not hot? 

There are few factors that will cause the solar heater system not getting hot, for example:


1. Solar Water Heater Leaking

  • Solar Hot water piping or fitting leaking
  • Solar Heater Spare parts leaking
  • Solar Storage Tank or Solar Panel Leaking

For more information, please check solar water heater leaking 


2. Raining season / Cloudy day

  • During the raining season, the solar heating system might not have enough time to generate hot water. Thus, we recommend customer to turn ON the backup heater heating element to use the electricity to boil the water. 


3. Faulty of heating element & thermostat

  • During the raining season / Cloudy day, customer need to turn on the backup heater for 30mins - 60mins to boil the water using current. If after turned on the water still not hot, please contact our service department  or call 012-3321190  / office 03-95437431 


4. Water Supply problem

  • The water supply to solar water heater system is either from direct water or from water pressure pump. If the water failed to supply, the solar system cannot generate hot water because no water in the tank. 
  • Usually is either water pump spoiled or direct main pipe no water / low pressure. 


5. Choosen wrong model / capacity

  • The capacity and model of solar water heater decided the usage for the hot water. Please consult our salesperson for the most suitable model for your house use. 
  • Usually we will calculate based on your usage, for example the number of person staying in the house, any bathtub / jacuzzi at home, how big is your house and so on...  

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