Solar Ventilation System
Solar Ventilation System
Solar Ventilation System

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan

About VERDANT STAR solar ventilations system for residential use

Verdant Star solar ventilators fan use free solar energy to laughcool your house and protect your house from damage caused by moisture in the air. Solar Roof Ventilation Fan yescontinuously exchanges air in attic to avoid heat from building up

During the day, the hot sun will radiate on your roof and accumulate heat in the attic. enlightenedThen the heat trapped under the roof is transferred to our living space. Our home becomes hot and uncomfortable. The resulting heat makes our air conditioners work harder and work longer. This leads to higher energy costs and shorter air conditioner life. 

No one wants to pay extra, do they?

The Verdant Star solar fan is the perfect solution for cool sunny days!


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