SMARTSOLAR - S150 Hybrid Solar Water Heating System (FREE Controller)
Price RM5,950.00
Product SKU Smartsolar-S150
Brand Smartsolar
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  • Close Loop
  • Pressuzed Tank
  • 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Evacuated Tube for Higher Efficiency
  • Active Heat Tube
  • 360 degree Passive Sunlight Tracking
  • Enhanced CPC Sunlight Booster
  • Smart Temperature Controller
  • 12 years Warranty
  • 100% full set anti rusted material
  • Relief Valve Setting 850kPa (Higher Pressure)
  • 3kW Backup Heater
  • Product Life-time 20+ years


At BWS Sales & Services Sdn Bhd Malaysia, we offer outstanding solutions to all your solar heating undertakings. The smart solar water heater, for instance, is one highly advanced system commended that offers safety (TEMPERATURE DISPLAY SYSTEM), and efficiency (PROVIDING ENHANCED HEAT TRANSFER) to its users.

On top of that, there are tons of benefits that you get when you use solar
water heaters. Helping the environment is one of those benefits
because you will be less dependent on fossil fuel and because solar power is technically free,
you will be saving a lot of money on your electric bill! Or if you need further consultation or advice, just get in touch with us.

Smart Solar has changed the course of living in Malaysia bringing revolutionary green energy technology such as Solar Water Heater into the lives of people and helping them improve their living style. It is when you take care of the environment that you are best able to nurture around it!





What's in the box

1x 150 Liters Solar Storage Hot Water Tank

12x Evacuated Glass Tube with heat pipes

1x Heating element

1x Thermostat

1x Pressure Temperature Valve

1x Non Return Valve

1x Starter Kit (including pipings and fittings)

1x Temperature Controller

1x Aluminium Rack

1x Magnesium Rod